Our Timing Equipment


Camera System

We use FinishLynx Timing Systems. FinishLynx is a World Leader in Photo-Finish Cameras and Fully Automatic Timing Systems. Our cameras capture the action at 1,000 Frames Per Second. This allows us to break those close ties no matter the sport.


Starting System

We also use FinishLynx Wireless Fully Automatic Starting System. The Wireless Transmission equipment is accurate up to 2 kilometers with an accuracy of Plus or Minus 0.4 thousandths of a second.


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Our Meet Management Software


Large Database System

We are able to run an event with thousands of athletes.


Multiple Scoring Systems?

We got you covered here too. We can break down the events via Age Groups or what ever your event calls for. We can use multiple scoring systems to get team or individual scores the way you want them. And most importantly individual and team scores are generated automatically.


The Cherry on Top

Our systems allow us to have LIVE online results for your spectators to enjoy during the event whether they are on site or around the world on ANY device with an internet connection.

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